Proper Spa Etiquette

spa-etiquetteWhile creating a spa day at home is wonderful and can definitely help to rejuvenate and relax you, sometimes going to an actual spa is what’s needed. This means you don’t have to do any of the preparation or body scrubs yourself and instead leave it in the hands of the professionals.  For those of you who have never had a professional spa day and are used to doing your own spa day at home you may be a bit curious as to what the proper etiquette is when at a spa. From nudity, tipping, what to wear and what spa treatments to get it can be a bit overwhelming especially to first time spa goers.  Sit back relax and don’t fret we have the basics on proper spa etiquette for all of you who are wondering. Afterall, the point of a spa day is to take out all the stress and simply relax, enjoy yourself and let the pampering begin!

Spa Etiquette

  • What To Wear- No need to dress up or even wear makeup!  In fact it is suggested that you where something that is loose fitting, comfortable and easy to slip on and off.  You will be spending a lot of time in your robe(it’s provided) and won’t need to worry about dressing your best. Same goes with makeup too.  While it is hard for most ladies to leave the house without their makeup in tact you won’t need any at the spa. Instead it will be wiped off soon after you arrive should you wear any.  Go natural!
  • Ditch Technology And Keep Things Quite- The point of your spa day is topeace-and-quiet unplug, unwind and relax, which is the sme for those around you. Turn electronic devices on silent or off completely and leave them in your purse or locker that is provided for you.  Silence is golden at a spa you and others around you will appreciate the electronic free zone, trust us!
  • How To Tip- Some spas already have the tip included in their service fees, others will provide you with a small envelope to tip at your discretion depending on how you enjoyed your services.  It is proper etiquette to tip between 15-20% of the total of your services.
  • Nudity- While some spa services are better enjoyed nude(with a sheet or towel covering areas) it is all up to the guest.  Your nudity level is best based on the spa goers comfort level and will not be pushed by the treatment specialist.  You want to be as relaxed and comfortable as
  • Add On Treatments- Many times your spa technicians will ask if you want to add ona  sugar scrub, deep conditioning treatment etc. Not all add ons are included in the service you are receiving.  It’s ok to ask if the add on is included or not and what the extra cost will be, In fact it’s encouraged. The goal is to keep you relaxed and enjoying yourself not to take advantage of your relaxed state and break your pocket book.  If you have any questions please ask your spa specialist.

Knowing the basics of proper spa etiquette will only help you to enjoy your well deserved spa day that much more! Whether at home or in a professional spa the goal is to rejuvenate, relax and refresh you!  So get that spa day booked and enjoy my friends!